Tuesday, December 29, 2015

marker/pen swatch book

it seemed like a good idea to make a swatchbook of all my markers and pens so i would know what i have.
this is my set of prismacolor markers.

of course, i did the test swatch on an envelope and when i got to pink, i thought, what-the-hay - make an envelope for alex. of course, if i mail it to her, then i will not have my swatch book.

when i layer my ideas, i usually make negative progress. but, i now have 26 to the 12th power new ideas.  math buddies, please tell me exactly how many new ideas i have and then tell me how many years i can go - posting one new idea per day - on my blog.

math problems. my new way to turn the blog into mental exercise to ward off dimentia.
math-phobics, don't worry....i'll forget about this by the time i get around to my next envelope :-)


  1. That would be 95,400,000,000,000,000 ideas which at 365.25 days per year would be 261,270,244,111,381 years - which is about 18 times the current age of the universe.

  2. Thank you for the cypher ing. Remember how Jethro Bodine called math cypher ing? Very big numbers.