Monday, December 14, 2015

peanuts for alyce and elizabeth

on the top one, i don't like the way the letters are standing up straight, they should look more like they are really skating. i should not have done the whole name. i would have had a much better result doing just the first name. sorry alyce, you get a clunker this time, but at least you know that i put in more time than i usually allow myself...

the next one - i figured i should try something that would be faster. the little coats need some colored pencil and i am pretty sure i need to put hats and hair on the *heads.* when i do that, i may ruin the envelope. but i already have the stamp on the envelope, so we are in treacherous waters here. wish me luck. if i make it a whole lot better, i will repost it.

check out the mail art call in the bonus post below.


  1. I really like the idea of the letters becoming part of the hill that the characters are sliding down. I do appreciate the time you took. This idea will be perfect for envelopes to my grandchildren.
    I think it's funny that you have a problem spelling my name correctly. 8-)

  2. i was completely unaware that i had spelled your first name wrong. i spend so much time trying to get the last name right. so, when i read your message, i thought, "why is she talking about spelling." i looked at the schwenn - several times and then BAM the first name jumped out at me. i literally laughed out loud. i know people say they LOL all the time...but i actually did. there is an AELX envelope coming up one of these days. so - your name is not the only one that trips me up.