Thursday, December 10, 2015

bonus posts

eric: do you watch charlie brown's christmas in france? if you do not know the story, this might seem like a very odd picture. it's an ugly duckling story. sad little trees and sad lettering deserve love. and this is the first time i have ever found a perfect stamp to add to the 2 forevers to make $1.20. of course, my arithmetic skills are pitiful so, i'm not sure i have the right postage. i'll brave the P.O. and have them double check it for me.

and this one is a variation on my first idea for the skater stamp.
E fell down. after it was done, i realized that it would have been cuter to have the E rotated a quarter turn so that the vertical stroke was horizontal and the three legs were sticking up in the air. or even better, toss the E up in the air so that it was caught in the middle of the fall.

tell me a gain why i can't have a desk at the P.O. where i address fun mail for people who are standing in line.


  1. That would be a perfect job for you. Only I think your line would be long and move slow. Everyone would want to be in your line and they'd linger so they could watch you create. Love both of the above ideas.

  2. Ok. I'll open a coffee shop. But people have to make the coffee. Serve themselves. And do all the cleaning.

  3. Postage is correct - forever + forever + 22 = 49 + 49 + 22 = 1.20