Monday, December 7, 2015

oct exchange for finn (exchangers, please read the note at the end)

i was surfing and saw this easy tutorial on drawing this tim burton character so i tried it. i think i forgot to finish the eyes. this was one that was giving me fits because i let the stamps go until the end. but, i sorta like the james beard stamp. the bald heads are enough of a tie in for me. funny...i never came up with any good ideas for the chef stamps...then when i find myself in a bind, the ones that didn't inspire me end up saving me. thank you stamps.

time to work on my ...i am thankful for...envelopes for november (i am writing this in oct, scheduling envelopes ahead)

it is now dec 2nd and i am adding labels to my previously scheduled posts. i worked really hard on an idea that i loved - for the thankful-theme - for the nov exchange. eventually, i decided to save it for next year and started working on december ideas. hopefully, i can shift things around so that i have ideas that pop up earlier in each season.

please let Jan know if you did not receive all your envelopes for the November exchange. I am missing a couple. if you are late sending your envelopes, please let Jan know that they are going to be mailed soon. or if you can't get them done, let us know and we will take care of them for you. we just don't want anyone to receive fewer than they send


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