Thursday, May 14, 2015

jill's cream-style

jill left a comment on one of the cream-style envelopes and legend said he did the cream-style in green for st. patrick's day. so, i tried some color variation on the cream-style. and the branchy-ness got away from me. not sure where to go with this one. seems like it has potential. what i really need to do is contact the designer. i need someone to ghost write the letter for me. any volunteers?


  1. I am sitting here wondering what it would look like with a lot more branches heading upwards...

  2. ok. i'm sitting here trying to think of something to do instead of the chores....

  3. 2:43. it's done. i'll post it on my next open date, which is in june. i'll mail it to you if you promise not to post it on your blog until july :-)

  4. This is the coolest thing EVER, Jean! I saw it early this morning and commented but must have neglected to properly publish!
    Thank you, thank you for this very fun envelope! You made my day!!! (And I think it's perfect. Totally!)

  5. glad you like it.
    if you want it, send me your snail mail address in an email to
    jmwilson 411 (at) yahoo-dot-com