Friday, May 8, 2015

jan's wilt

i am calling this style of lettering *wilt* even when i don't use the wilt stamps.

i thought i was going to make one last envelope with this style and then be done with it. but, i messed up the D in hardt, so i had to experiment with making a middle weight stroke, instead of just thick and thin. then i thought of putting in those diamond shapes and i really liked them. i do not like the double strokes and i made a complete mess of the IA, but then i put a stamp on it, so i will go ahead and mail it to jan as a thank you for running the exchanges. but i will request that she compost this one.

thanks, jan, for running the envelope exchanges for us.

if you participate in exchanges
and if you ever come up short - and do not receive the number of envelopes that you were expecting
please send an email to Jan and let her know
or, you may email me and i will forward to jan


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I liked the double strokes so much I somehow posted my comment twice. But then I couldn't make evidence of my deleted second comment disappear. Ha! :)

  2. What pen/marker are you using for the Wilt letters?

  3. I'll have to let you know later. I have some markets in three sizes that I got from John Neal and thought they were Sakura but the description on his website sounds different. I'm out of town. Will let you know next Friday.

  4. no hurry ~ when / if you have time