Sunday, May 17, 2015

charlie russell

as a native of montana, i was exposed to the art of charlie russell during my childhood. i recall visiting his home and studio when i was 10-11-12(?) it left quite an impression on me and i remember vividly the examples of his decorated envelopes and letters that were on display. i am also very fond of his art because it reminds me of the lovely visits to my grandparent's ranch. i don't think i have mentioned him in any blog posts. if you like western art, google him and you can see lots more.
the envelope is from this site

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  1. Jean, I have had so much fun looking at the Decorated Envelopes that you display on your blog posting. Thank you, they are an inspiration. I wanted you to know that I also mentioned your blog on my latest blogpost because I wrote about Letters of Joy. You can find me at In any case, thanks again.