Wednesday, May 27, 2015

bonus post - special olympics

shout out to cathy. she sent the bottom one and said, "the fluorescent markers overwhelmed the orange in the stamp." so, rather than learn from her learning experience, i went ahead and started to color things in and mine were also overwhelming. so i switched to texture. i went over the too heavy blue with white gel pen to create texture. much better. i like her big circles a lot and will probably be stealing them.

at some point there will be more lettering like the cathy. i sent her something that i thought was so ugly, i did not even scan it and then she said she liked it, so i went back and tried to do some more of it to see if i could get a version i liked and it's coming along.

thanks, cathy


  1. I'll be pinning these ideas. Love them.

  2. Once again, the envelope dodged the dreaded bar code. I like how your scanner calmed down the colors, which were screaming meemies. Let's all do The Cathy, the newest alphabet craze! So good!