Saturday, May 16, 2015

ann-margret (bold coco)

this is the one i mentioned on april 10th as one that wowed me. all i did was the same-old-same-old stuff that i had been doing with the Cocoiros, but i used a 1.2 mm ZIG writer. then, i added details with a 01 pigma, which included squaring off the end of every single stroke. that took more time than the lettering. i am getting better at fitting letters. as always, if you spend 10,000 hours doing something, you get better. that's what malcolm gladwell says. although, recently someone disputed his theory. finn will research this and submit a full report.

the address will be in small clear lettering in the white space at the bottom.
extra postage is because it is going to canada.

there was a question on the last envelope from christy - asking how the P.O. feels about stamps that are not in the upper right corner....this was my reply:

there are some postal workers who will tell you that the stamp has to be in the upper left corner, but if you put a stamp on it, they pretty much have to deliver it. they can tack on a surcharge if the address is not level with the landscape orientation of the envelope. a non-conforming stamp position may delay the envelope. the machine may kick it out and it may have to wait for a human to OK it. some postal workers love mail art and welcome all the variety.

maybe cathy, our resident postal worker, will add to or correct that comment.


  1. This is all I could find: "1.1
    Clear Space
    A clear space must be available on all mail for the address, postage (permit imprint, postage stamp, or meter stamp), postmarks, and postal endorsements.

  2. But no mention of where the stamp should be so stick them on where you think they look best!