Saturday, May 2, 2015

cathy's fade

i set this one to appear really small because i think it is uber-ugly. after doing a couple versions of the stealworthy envelope i received, i thought i should at least try to branch out from red. but, i chose an envelope that is too large and then i chose cathy's name. i am not that good at C and O - and i'm especially incompetent when they are large. so i tried to fix it with a Pentel Brush Pen. not a magic fix. then i wondered if i could save it with a good stamp. the tennis balls are rather fun. i still give it a D-minus, but it gets to stay in the series in case i learn something valuable.

the next day, i came close to tossing this one in the waste bin and deleting this post. but i decided to try one more technique - little white lines - and now i don't dislike it quite as much. you can see i was careful with the lines, then lapsed into lazy zigzags and then returned to some more careful lines.

final product


  1. For me, it's a toss up. If I had to choose, I'd go with door number one. You're too hard on yourself, Jean. D minus? Is that judged on a professional level.? This amateur would be very pleased to receive this D minus envelope.

  2. I almost thought you had added gold shamrocks there.

    I could never manage this, so of course I think they're both great, I might favor the gold additions a little bit.

  3. Jean- I would be tickled pink to find anything similar to these in my mailbox.