Sunday, May 31, 2015

bonus post - elizabeth's pueblo

another version of the pueblo letters that cathy liked. alyce also left a comment. once again, looking for the right tool for the huge stack of free envelopes. i tried ballpoint pen. loved the feel, but -oops- ended up with one of those nasty smears. solution: just make a lot more smears. i like how they are almost becoming clouds and if i had time, i would make lots more clouds at the top. so nice with the this.
thanks to cathy for encouraging me to do more with this style - which is not ripped off from anyone. but, i am sure that there is something very similar somewhere.


  1. I'm always on a search for airplane stamps. I don't believe I've ever seen these before. They are wonderful! If anyone knows of a source, please don't be shy!!

  2. I've Googled
    Pueblo style lettering, pueblo lettering, , Pueblo calligraphy, etc. and can find nothing like this. Any suggestions?