Tuesday, June 3, 2014

tim's first layer

after i had fun with tombos on the bamboo envelopes, i thought i should try the copics. they are supper bleedy, but it looks great. tim has not authorized me to publish his address on the blog, so i will try to do some similar ones that show all the layers. note to self, look for a good stamp before i get to far into these. there were some holiday stamps a few years ago that had these colors. i wonder if i should allow myself a trip to the stamp store....the vintage stamp store is like an opium den to some of us. i won't out the person i know or how much he or she spends at the vintage stamp store...trust me...you would all gasp if you knew.  anyone want to guess who it is? maybe it is a badge of honor to be an uber-shopper at the stamp store. like those ladies who carry those purses that cost thousands of dollars...i'm thinking i need one of those clear lucite purses...and then i would carry a bunch of stamps and a few envelopes and my g-tecs. i'd probably just look like a kook.


  1. note to tim..i just found the april postcards from you (buried in a stack)....they will be popping up in a few weeks.

  2. I was wondering what happened to them....

  3. For vintage stamps I'd guess Jan or Smash.

    As for the colors here - they remind me of one of the kaleidoscope flowers from last year - there's a green/purple combo. And the more I look at this the more it reminds me of some kind of computer game with secret codes.

  4. oh YES those kaleidoscopes would have been perfect. but they are insufficient. and probably hard to get.
    good guessing.