Wednesday, June 11, 2014

mary katherine - thank you

i mentioned about a month ago that mary katherine joined the club of people who ran cross my blog and then sent me some mail. mary katherine says she has read all of the blog posts. that's quite a feat. or she is like me and uses web-surfing to avoid the daily chores. doesn't everyone?

i really enjoyed the story that went with this envelope. she was doing some mindless drawing, doodling,  template tracing, etc to relieve stress and when it was done, she thought of things i have said about using envelope designs to relieve stress and then she parted with her last Zippy stamp...which was very generous. and she added: please keep it up (referring to the blog).

well, that *please* pretty much guarantees that i will be keeping it up as long as i have access to a computer/scanner or magic phone.

welcome to the club, mary katherine.

p.s. i had to really scrutinize her penmanship to see that it was not a font. she has amazing penmanship. i might scan and post a sample of it. but, i have 150 envelope to address today, so i am going to go forth and bickhamize.


  1. Bickham is the name of a popular font for wedding invitations. When I use a G-Tec pen, which does not make thicks and thins like the font, I match the general shapes and then call it my Bickhamized penmanship. I like my envelopes to look like someone actually wrote them, in pretty penmanship and it is handwriting, not formal calligraphy that is trying to look exactly like the font. You can see samples on the tab at the top of the blog called *Wedding Envelopes*

  2. It did take me a few months, but eventually I read them all. Thank you for such a high quality distraction from daily obligations. Writing back soon! :)