Monday, June 16, 2014

jeri's clown

 i found this random font and have no idea where it came from. i enjoyed experimenting with it and was going to show the photo on the first day and then show the two envelopes on the next two days, but i can't get that photo to flip around. and believe me, i tried everything. if you want to see it right side up, i suppose you can download it and flip it around. anyhow, happy birthday to jeri. i did all my practice in pink and then remembered that jeri is a big fan of orange, so i added orange and it was a hot mess. so a little black and then a little white and a clown and it's not as fabulous as jeri's lettering with real ink and nibs, but, it's better than not getting any mail on your birthday, eh? the envelope tomorrow is a little better example of the font.

jeri's address will go between the two lines at the bottom, in tiny printing. that pale blue that is on the stamp might look nice.

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