Wednesday, June 25, 2014

thanks miss cathy - you fooled me

this envelope fooled me. i was sure that it had to be from jeri. she is famous for her tiny little grids. i flipped it over and -whoa - it was from mississippi cathy. i was really surprised. i figured she had been so impressed with jeri's grids that she decided to out-grid her. the enclosed note...she told me that the grid was a piece of wrapping paper, adhered to the envelope. so, she still gets an A+ in thinking of a very clever way to recycle paper. her tiny lettering is A+ quality. on the return, on the back flap, she added some wonderful little dots made with a sakura gelly roll stardust clear pen. i have one of those, too. they are so cool. as miss cathy wrote, "i lurve them." me, too. and i lurve this envelope. i tried to photograph the sparkles and they do not photograph. i might try a video on wed when jan is here. we are way behind on our video sessions.

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