Monday, June 2, 2014

jan's clown

in real life, i love this envelope. i like the paper and the way the ink sits on it. i have no idea how it will look on a computer screen. the colors pop so nicely in real life, that i don't want to do anything else to it.

i used a blue galaxy marker, outlined with a black pigma and then went over the blue with a white gel pen.


  1. The circus poster stamps are great - I was very surprised at the size of the bigger ones.

    And I just saw these - I think that you're going to have lots of fun with them:

  2. my ideas have been hit or miss lately. but some of the envelopes coming up, using the circus stamps are pretty fun. yes, the farmer's market stamps will be a whole lotta fun. i can't remember what all i sent in the envelope to i will enjoy a trip down memory lane this week. :-)