Sunday, June 22, 2014

plus 13-cents

i needed to add 10 cents to jeri's s envelope. this 13-cent stamp seemed like the way to go. plus i can match the font on the stamp when i put in her street address.
i liked it better without the penny, but, it's a lick-em stamp, so i guess it has to stay. i think i might be able to get it off if i put it in the freezer. but at a certain point i just have to mail the things that bug me and move on. i'm pretty sure the people who receive mail don't nit-pick and say "geesh, this is such a  dog i wish she would have thrown it in the garbage." no offense to the dogs who read my blog. it's just an expression. i guess i could say *toad.* i'm pretty sure that toads don't read blogs, but then, maybe there are toad luvers. ok, how about wart...anyone object to the use of wart as the universal symbol for yucky?

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