Sunday, June 8, 2014

8th of the month - env collective

the 6th in my series of places to go to look at a ton of stuff.

this blog is no longer putting up new envelopes, but there are a bunch to look at. it makes me wonder how long all these blogspot blogs will be up and running.

the link takes you to the gallery
i like the last messages on the home page...the topic they posted about, before shutting down...they talked about scanner problems -one of my biggest problems. they also ask nicely at the bottom to ask permission to repost things. well, boys, i didn't. sorry. but, you are two boys and i raised two boys. so for all the times your mothers asked you to do something - and you didn't do it - i am not doing what you asked. sorry. if you see this and want me to delete it, i will be happy to comply with that request :-)

finn says the link above does not work
so he found this one....try it. i clicked on the *test this link* button and it worked for me. thanks finn.


  1. Fascinating.

    The link above does not work, however the site can be accessed through the waybackmachine:

  2. i do not know about waybackmachine...guess i will have to take a second sabbatical to delve into way back stuff. sounds wonderful. is there a way-ahead-machine?