Wednesday, October 16, 2013

crossword winner

 my texas rep [ aka timtex ] sent the top postcard and asked on the back *did i win?* yes timtex, you won way back on May 18, 2013 when you sent the postcards that had just *JEAN* and just *420*

i will be announcing other winners in other categories by the end of the year:
best use of birds on heads
most improved penmanship
most generous
least likely to get a job at the p.o.
you know who you are....
person who sends the most mail art but refuses to send anything to me - (eyebrow raised)


harriet russell gets the lifetime achievement award for sending the most creative mail ever. it is published in a book.

i'll have to give myself honorable mention for stick-to-it-ive-ness.
i saw that jane farr is giving up her regular friday posting. she is in my list of blogs over there on the right. and her blog drove a ton of traffic to my blog. so i have to think of some other way to drive people to my blog....


  1. I agree with you self-award - I am always impressed that you have something to show every day.

  2. I see you found Harriet's book, it's a good book. Another one to get is: The Englishman who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects. Its appears that mail art and folks 'Pushing the Envelope" has been going on for some time.

  3. thanks for the vote of confidence, finnbadger. i actually do about 10 posts at a time. so, in theory, i only post 3 times a month. but, i am constantly shifting things around, and inserting new things.

    yes, spammailgohere....i have heard about the other book. i'll try to remember to check it out from the library. no room for books in my house. too many envelopes. one of my penpals is in charge of keeping my copy of harriet for me.