Monday, October 28, 2013

puffin on head

from the bird on your head series - from smashgirl. honestly, i could start a whole new blog just devoted to things on heads. but, i will refrain.

this looks like she did a g-tec drawing and then colored it in. there is a bit of bleeding on the fine black lines which look like g-tec .25.


  1. I love the painting of the woman. I think the ink bleeding works really well for this watercolor look.

  2. Thank you Annie. This was done back in Aug and I thought I had a better blend of the puffin background and the hat texture than it appears. I did have some fun with the hair-name

  3. This one also falls into "hide the stamp" category The PO is very fond of these and give me strange looks whenever I appear in line for hand canceling. I remind them that the scanner will be able to locate the zip