Wednesday, October 30, 2013

stella - butterflies

i gave stella's granny a hard time a few days ago because she sent me an envelope and the stamp was a bit off the edge of the envelope. i'm not sure how that would happen...she had some kind of reason (that i didn't buy) anyhow, this was experimenting with the f-c big brush markers and i thought the color on that one butterfly was perfect. now, i can't decide if i really want to part with the stamps...they don't fit. decisions decisions.

i think that one below is a repeat, and i am pretty sure this one is not.

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  1. i mailed it yesterday with two year of the chicken stamps which are red and yellow and have the cut paper designs. i added white gel pen doo-dads from the stamp design and sort of wish i had done another scan, as it looked better than this one.