Thursday, October 17, 2013

stella eames dots

i found a sheet of the eames stamps. i so wish they had come out as forevers. i thought about doing multi colored dots which i am sure would have looked great. but, i like the black-gold-silver combo a lot. and the stamp is going sideways because i didn't leave enough room for the stamp to go the other way. i do like it when the p.o. puts the words on in two directions.
i think this one is going to be hard to send. but stella is young. maybe i will start a stack of mail that will be sent by my executor. now i have to choose an executor. any volunteers?


  1. That is perfect! I'm sure you're not surprised that I like this one a lot, given my love of graphic design/modernist approaches.

  2. thanks. i actually think the stamp looks better the way it had to that was a happy accident.

  3. I know someone who will love, love, love this envelope. She'll be home from school at 3