Friday, October 4, 2013

october idea

this is on Candy's blog.

she said it is a 6x9-in manilla envelope
this image is beyond stealworthy.  read her blog for details
and then resist the temptation to look at all the other ideas she had posted. you may be tempted to do all kinds of fun things.

This is a 6" by 9" manilla envelope. The address will go to the left of the Spooky House.


  1. Love it, particularly the eyes in the basement

  2. Thanks for sharing my blog, Jean. I'm playing with more Halloween envelopes today as I get ready to demonstrate them at the First Friday Art Walk tonight. And maybe, just maybe, one of them might magically appear in your mail box sometime this month.

  3. I ordered the book.......figures, huh?

  4. dang. i need to figure out how to get a percentage of sales :-)