Thursday, October 31, 2013

from jeri

bonus post today.

this just in from jeri. great vintage stamps, charming sentiment on the card :-) i love getting mail. thanks.


  1. Those Sleepy Hollow stamps are perfect for Halloween! I am surprised the USPS doesn't cash in every year with Halloween stamps... but maybe not too many people send Halloween cards...

  2. i wish the usps would pay attention to how many blogs and websites there are devoted to snailmail, mail art, greeting cards and old-school communication. there are a ton of people who love and make mail, including cards. instead of the 30 new designs each year, the usps should have about 50 or 60 and feature fun new stamps for each holiday. i wish they would just let hallmark be in charge of stamps. i'm sure they could get things turned around. look at the popularity of the stamps you can design yourself. people pay twice as much for postage just to have it personalized.