Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rachael's Pirate Map - and mine

Rachael sent this during the September exchange and as we all know, Talk Like a Pirate Day is in September. I am a huge fan of maps. And pirate maps are the most fanciful.

Shout out to my granddaughter who is 4. When she was visiting last year, just before her 4th birthday, she was putting a sailor dress on a doll that lives at my house. She insisted that it was a pirate dress. I so wanted to know how she managed to confuse sailors and pirates. I suppose she has seen them in books or movies. There was no way to convince her that it was a sailor dress. It was a pirate dress.

Below is a map I drew for a high school party that was organized by those of us who had a kid graduation. Many parents work long and hard to create a theme party that keeps the kids entertained (and locked in) at the school on the night of graduation. Many parents work all night. Not this parent. The last time I stayed up all night was during childbirth - and I vowed it was my last all-nighter. To avoid all-night duty (at each of the three years I had a graduate) I always jumped on the t-shirt design committee. Each kid got a t-shirt that was their ticket to get into the party. I also worked overtime on any kind of artwork for other committees. I wish I had pictures of some of the things I did over the years. It was fun to provide art services to committees where they were obligated to produce things - but really didn't have any art background.

I whipped this out pretty fast and always wished I had had time to do a more polished copy. But, for kids - it was fine.


  1. Your and Rachael's pirate maps are outstanding.

  2. Thanks. I love maps. Here is a link to a website that I just love. I loved it so much I submitted two maps drawn by younger son.