Sunday, May 7, 2017

U of Iowa Special Collection (of books)

I have been to the Special Collection part of the U of Iowa library a couple times. They have all kinds of fabulous things. I think I have posted about the collection previously. This time, I am linking to the blog because they have some animation showing flip books, etc. It's not mail, but it's pretty cool.

They have one collection of miniature books and also a very large collection of cookbooks. Also a page from a Gutenberg bible and a Babylonian clay tablet that is tiny and is a receipt for a goat.

This is the link to their website where you can surf. They do not have everything digitized.


  1. "A receipt for a goat" sounds like a great title to a novel or poem.

    1. somewhere i have a photo of it - which i hope to post someday. the novel - could be based on the true story of a guy who stole a ton of books from the U of Iowa library as well as many other....this was the first article I found - it mentions David Schoonover who was the librarian I met on my first visit - and who brought out the receipt when I asked, "Which book is your oldest?"