Friday, May 26, 2017

Pencils for Kathy and Tina

I forgot to add her last name.
I love pencils.
The critter seems interested.
I love gel pens, too.

I did Tina's first and her address fit perfectly on the pencils. I was not even thinking about it - I just noticed it after I wrote the TINA.

I really wanted to send it without writing a traditional address, but chickened out. I think I will try one with the address on only the pencils and see if it goes through. NOTE TO SELF-This is why this is labeled FOLLOW-UP.

I blotted out the words on Tina's envelopes, so you will have to imagine how cute it was. And then, the frosting on the cake - I pulled out my stack of stamps and WHAM - the colors on the Oscar de la Renta stamps were beyond perfect.

If anyone wants an envelope just like this, they can send me those three stamps and I will write their name and send it back - and if you want the envelope to stay pretty, send an additional stamp - and I will enclose it in an outer envelope. 


  1. The pencil letters are really clever.

  2. I loved my pencils envelope !!! (I don't have to imagine how cute it was - I got to keep it in real life !!) - Thank you Jean xx