Thursday, May 18, 2017

Five (or 10) Ships - March Ex

The next sheet of stamps to use up were these ships. I love them so much. But just have to proceed with the hoard reduction. At least the two stamps will cover the cost of sending a square.

On second thought, I have nothing inspired to do with ship stamps. All I can do is match the color and make it look like water.

So, I will just post all of them since they are seriously redundant. The envelopes are very nice leftovers from very expensive wedding invitations. And I am crazy about white space. So there are at least three things I like.

I guess it bothers me when I write things fast. It seems like they are not worthy when they don't take a lot of time. On the other hand, I think it took a long time to be able to scrawl in a way that satisfies my eyeballs. It bothers me when I get an envelope in the exchange and I know the other person spent way more time on their envelope than I spent on mine. But, I am going to get over that. I spend the time to keep the blog going and run the exchanges - so that should count for

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