Wednesday, May 17, 2017

To Finnbadger - TJ Bag - March Ex

Finnbadger and Eric are on a paper bag binge. I can't decide how far I want to delve into the bag thing with them. I am a severe bag-hoarder. Really severe.

Nuf said.

This is a placemat from Taco John's folded up inside a vellum envelope.
Nuf said about the TJ addiction as well.

Except the last time I went at 1 PM to avoid the noon rush, I noticed that everyone dining in - was a gray haired granny-type, just like me.


  1. I still think this envelope is so cool. Great graphic design enhanced by Jean.

    1. Thank you. It's pretty simple...
      Also, Limner's post today is all about hoarding and bags and hoarding bags. Nice for kindred spirits to have found each other....