Friday, October 7, 2016

Stash management - Brenda w/ 2 floral stamps

Reminder to break the name if it doesn't fit. This was done with the Copic WIDE marker - a really wonderful marker. I shall treat myself to more when I actually get all the stash management dealt with. This was a functional envelope, so I did not spend a ton of time on it.

It would have been better if the black lettering matched the dark green on the stamp. Another improvement would have been to add flowery details somewhere.

10 minutes later -
I just couldn't leave it alone, and took exactly 1 minute to add the flowers.
I'm pretty sure I added some white gel pen details but did not take another photo. It's safe to say that tiny white details will *never* ruin anything. I'm sure you can picture highlights, eh?

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  1. I so like this envelope! I need to get me some of those markers. I'm getting this wonderful stash of markers and I keep doing my envelopes on the computer! ;(

  2. Choose a style that you like that you also have the right type of markers necessary to create that style. Then, next time you sign up for an exchange, do a set of envelopes using the same style. Before you start the envelopes, do a test run on plain paper so that you have your spacing figured out. Do all the main lettering on all of the envelopes first. Then go back and do the details. If you assembly line the envelopes - you can get into the groove. I assure you that whenever I do a rough draft of plain paper - before doing the actual envelope - I work out the bugs and the final envelope is usually very close to what I intended.