Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Florence's Beagle Stamp

I love the beagle. Reminds me of the nice lady who lived next door, who upon learning that I would not let my son have a dog, adopted a dog, so that he could come over every day and pretend it was his.

They don't call me Mean Jean for no reason.

And they can call me copy cat, too. I was copying the way Florence writes her name on her flaps. I did not look at one before I did this one. Just did it from memory.


  1. It's a cute envelope...Has your son forgiven you?

    1. After high school he observed his friends and roommates struggle with the care of their dogs and told me he could appreciate why I had not wanted to take on a dog when I had 3 kids who were a lot of work. I'm guessing he will have a dog some day and will be a very good caregiver.