Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bonus Post - Halloween

 The orange lettering was scheduled to appear in January with a tutorial on how to take wild wonky printing and dress it up with some outlines.

Then, beckoned to me to add some pumpkin details because it knew that I was trying to focus on the list of must-get-done.

Haha. Envelopes are my meth.

I need to add a white dot inside the mouth on the letter I. And since I do not have any of those stamps, I just made a copy and put on a fake address so this one will go inside something else.


  1. Very fun and kind of organic...

  2. Love this. And the stamp. Spontaneous....whimsical....and a good, crisp SmACk! of orange and black in October does a brain good.

  3. You know I love Halloween mail - and this is perfect.