Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Aug Exch - E's Shower

Way back in 2011 when my daughter got married, I created the most amazing set of mailings to the guests. I have no doubt that it has never been duplicated. Quite a bold (arrogant) statement. But I can't imagine anyone has done as many extraneous mailings for a wedding.

This lonely K has been in the orphan pile since 2011. I was happy to send it along to Kate. The fun part was finding perfect stamps. It's hard to part with some of these stamps.....
Clearly, I did not do a spectacular job on the lettering - but you seldom get spectacularity on all levels from me.
You are lucky to get one.
Extra lucky to get two.
If I get to three, I end up keeping the envelope - so none of you should be expecting any threes in your mailboxes.
Hard to believe I could be so selfish. How many other skeletons do you think there are in my closet? I have to find a picture of one of them. I believe there is a label that refers to the ones I do not send - but I can never remember what it is.


  1. As the recipient of this card, I can say it was lovely to get. Kate

  2. What we won't do for our children!