Saturday, January 2, 2016

the pinterest game (bonus post)

today's regular post is below this one

from time to time there will be a link to a pinterest board (right above) that has a bunch of new-to-me mail art. i surf on pinterest and it is fun to find a board with a bunch of mail art that i have never seen before. i also like to see if they have any of mine or any of the mail done by my penpals, that links to my blog. this one has several from my blog. it also has a ton of new stuff. i could probably fill a couple weeks of posts just reblogging mail off this board. instead, i will send you surfing. i apologize if you do not have a pinterest account.

it was reeeeeeeeally hard to choose just one to post. i chose these two because they are  uber-stealworthy. they are from this blog. you have to go to july 25, 2014 to see these. i left the link to her home page. she seems to be having fun with all kinds of projects, many include lettering.

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