Monday, January 4, 2016

inspired by sunday - alex wallpaper flowers

if things go as planned (and they never do) there will be an envelope on monday, inspired by the off-topic on sunday. i used Post-It note tape (see below) to mask off the name and a place for the address. the tape is 1-inch wide, i cut it down to 1/2-inch. i wanted to do something that was faster, so grabbed the prisma color markers. layerd a little pale pink tombo to make the edges of the letters crisper. then filled in with gel pens and g-tecs. when all the space was filled in, i peeled off the tape and looked at it several times before i realized that i had spelled ALEX wrong.  it was amazing how long i had looked at it before i saw the error. oh well. at least i know how to do this really fast. it was a fun envelope to have on my desk to use as a mindless activity to recharge my brain after too much hard thinking. clearly, i have to think extra hard on pretty routine tasks, like spelling fairly short words and names.


  1. ooops. the post was late this morning. i forgot to reset the time, so it was not scheduled for 1 am. i checked the view counter and there were 153 visits to the blog by 5:30 am EST...i wonder who those people are. maybe i have that many readers in europe.

  2. Happy New Year, Jean!
    Fantastic! And until I read your text, it read ALEX to me.

    1. That makes me feel better. Thanks for posting. HNY2U2

  3. This style (and the colors) will work beautifully with the Botanical Art stamps that are coming out on the 29th.