Monday, January 11, 2016

inspired by sunday - using crayola markers

tony, the guest artist yesterday, probably did some roughs. my approach was to just dive in with a fine line pen and that ended up in the waste bin. crayola markers (the kid's markers) are my go-to art supply when something is not working. this is just the first layer. the name and address panel was blocked out with the same Post-It tape i used on the jan 4th envelope. when i peeled the tape, i could see i needed lines. one line was blah. so on the E-X you can see i added a second line.

it is hard to know how much flourishing to add on these types of doodle pages. here it is with some g-tec and colored pencil. the yellow circle is the problem area. there is no point in trying to resolve all the problems with this one. alex is only 2 and  these envelopes are going to be things to entertain her. i'll fill them with stickers and what-not. any envelopes i do for her that are saveworthy will be waiting in a stack to send when she is a bit older.

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