Saturday, January 16, 2016

pink parabolas to carol

another desk cleaning envelope. it had just the border and i had no idea which marker i had used. i grabbed a crayola and it seemed to be a perfect match. they are not  waterproof, so i blended them with a pale pink tombo - also not waterproof. i had the stamp in mind for the O in carol, but it wasn't as strong an O as i had hoped. the space that the L leaves bothers me. but i like the way the Cs, As, and Rs work together. L tends to be a bit of a problem when you are doing pictures. it is hard to substitute a lower case L because it looks like a capitol I.
in general, i find the parabolic lettering to be nearly fool proof. and once again, don't look down on the crayola markers. they are one of the very few inexpensive art supplies that holds their own when mixed with the better art supplies. not archival, but good enough for envelopes.

it would have been better to make the O - and then the L could have a very short cross bar. 20/20 hindsight.

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  1. Well I like it so that's what matters! Also I loved the Charlie Brown envelope with the mailbox and silver snow! You are showing me the possibilities of plain white envelopes!