Thursday, January 28, 2016

exchange from finn (bird on head)

finn, smash and i have an ongoing exchange of bird-on-head mail. finn enclosed a note saying he hoped this was not too gory for my blog. no, it is not, but it is plenty close enough.

the post office worker who added the black Xs must have been super thrilled to be adding to the artwork. and it was serendipitous that it came on the same day i was reading a list of top 10 ideas for art therapy. not than any of us need it, but, i just wanted to see what was on the list. i've done all of them and one of them was:
collaborative art

and A+++++ to finnbadger for his really nice lettering.
super nice. i lurk around the internet and spot some very nice artwork on the envelopes you send. i am so pleased to see how well you are doing as an international mail artist.

BTW, that eyeball hanging out of the bird's mouth looks like a holiday tree ornament. i'm thinking this would be a good beginning on a holiday card - - - -  for ozzy osborn.

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  1. This is the first time I think the sharpie has enhanced an envelope - and I hardly ever see Xs, usually just a scrawled line. So perfect for this envelope, which was one of my favorites of the bunch. I think I did that lettering on all the zombie envelopes - thanks for the A+ :)