Friday, January 1, 2016

happy new year - planning ahead with taras makar and elizabeth

elizabeth w sent this link because she knew i would love it. the peacock series was such a fun part of 2014. this peacock is in the animal calligraphy section in this group of images by taras makar. i posted this link before - and featured his writing of the word *sheep* to match each of the members of his collection.

as 2016 unfolds, there will be more art from other people. i'll post my own as much as possible, but, i have some obligations and will be away from my computer for approximately 6 weeks. all the jan and feb posts are being written in november of 2015. so they might be *dated* by the time they pop up. i thank everyone who reads, comments and sends things to me, both snail mail and fun links. participation by the readers is most welcome.

 this is a rerun from 2010, the year i started the blog. it has been a favorite and is in the stack of mail i have never sent because i like it too much to part with it. also, she moved from that address and i don't have her new address.


  1. oh! i like that "favorite" alot too!

  2. Thanks for the link - some amazing things there - and for sharing this favorite. I love the way you did the star on the i in Elizabeth.
    Happy New Year!!