Sunday, August 9, 2015

rehj's exchange envelope

i always liked this stamp and this is a nice interpretation of the design. the scan may not show the detail enough to see that it is made with some kind of cutting machine, like a Cricuit (sp?) you can program images and fonts and the machine will cut them out. i'm not sure how you go about adhering them. maybe they will cut on adhesive paper. but, this would have been about an 8 hour envelope if someone had tried to draw those letters and then fill it all in. and it would have been beyond challenging to make the painted surface even. i suppose there are some markers that would work, but then you have the problem of the detail. markers that fill nicely are usually bleedy.

thanks for participating in the exchange, rehj.


  1. My envelope was the same, didn't know how she did it but it was great.

  2. I was lucky enough to receive one of these too! Looks like it took some patience! Love it!

  3. oh I want one too LOL very nice, it probably was a Cricut. We use them in scrapbooking and cardmaking. I am still in two minds about buying one, hubby wants me to get one but I am dragging my feet. Now I see more possibilities-hmm a birthday present coming up LOL. Give me an idea for a decorated envelope using my dies

  4. This is Rehj - I have no idea why Google is showing my as unknown, I've logged out and back in and still no luck!

    I'm so glad you liked this envelope! I did these on a Cameo Silhouette machine, very much like a Cricut. I've never had a Cricut, but I absolutely adore my Silhouette. I think of all sorts of excuses to use it! I had it for about a year before I got the nerve to plug it in and I'm kicking myself now for being so intimidated by it!

    I loved the way they turned out for the most part, but let me tell you - I struggled with this design. I even had nightmares about them getting all ripped up as they went through the mail and then no one received my exchange envelope. Truly, I was haunted by this envelope. LOL

    The design and execution were simple enough thanks to the machine, but assembling them is where I ran into problems. I created one for myself first and mailed it off so I would know what adjustments to make. It arrived the next day in pretty much shambles, the PO machine had pulled up the overlay and had eaten some of it. I realized I shouldn't have cut a hole for the stamp, but by that time, all the holes were cut and that layer had been adhered to the envelopes. I know, I should have waited for the envelope before continuing!

    I got to a point that I wanted to scrap the whole thing, but I just didn't have time to re-do everything as my mother had open heart surgery and I was away from home for 2 weeks, so I was stuck with them. It seems that at least a few of them arrived in tact and I'm pleased to know this!

    Has anyone else started on a design and then struggled to the point of scrapping the idea? Is it just a 'make it work' moment or do you actually scrap it and go with another design all together?

    I have decided to come up with an alternate design that I will keep in the back of my head for just such occasions! Thank you to everyone that I received a beautiful envelope from - It's like Christmas in the mailbox!

    1. I finished all the envelopes I did for this exchange and eventually decided to just make it work. I started re-doing them, but couldn't get the same energy as the first round, so went back and solved what was stalling the machines with a strip of white artist tape. I'm kind of glad my problem was not as hard to solve as it sounds like yours was!

  5. Ahh, it was Blogger, not Google. I've changed it so future comments should reflect my name!