Sunday, August 2, 2015

august exchange

jan has settled into a well organized routine of running a monthly mail art exchange. she is getting good feedback from the participants, so our plan for now is to continue with a monthly exchange. the next sign up starts today.

Sign up by August 12
Jan will send lists by August 15
Mail your envelopes by August 31

Beginners are welcome. Don't be intimidated. Calligraphy, including wonky unusual lettering is welcome,  but not required. Rubber stampers are welcome. Digital art and collage is welcome.

You do not need to enclose anything. A note is optional. If you prefer, just write *empty* on the back of the envelope.

You send to 5 people, and receive from 5 people, but maybe not the same 5. She mixes it up a little.
You may request 10 names, and if enough people sign up, you will send 10 and receive 10.

Send the following to Jan at  janhardt (at) mchsi  (dot) com

city-state-zip code- country
your email


  1. i forgot to comment on the envelope. it was in a pile of unfinished experiments and it would have looked better with 3 fern stamps, but, as you know, i have trouble parting with stamps.

  2. I signed up. Thank you for the ones you sent me in July! I loved the lettering on the red outside envelope! And I adored the much anticipated peacock envelope- what pen(s) did you use? I have never seen a pen that made such fine strokes!

  3. the super fine lines were made with a Pilot G-Tec. The finest tip is .25. But I can get a really fine line with a .3 as well. The type of paper will make difference and I can only make the super fine lines if I am moving the pen really fast, so that it hardly touches the paper. It takes a fair amount of practice to get the fine lines out of those pens, but if you practice on things like flowers, leaves or peacock feathers, you can get the hang of it. A very quick flicking motion on shorter strokes is a good place to start. Eventually, you can work up to longer strokes and lettering.

  4. that reply above is actually from me, jean. i am using my daughter's computer, so i did not realize that it had been signed out from my account.

  5. Lol, thanks for the answer, but I was actually referring to the super fine, feathery lines on the peacock envelope from Jean!

  6. this is jean - answering carol's question about the super fine lines on the peacock envelope that i (jean) sent to you. they are done with a Pilot G-Tec size .3

  7. Thank you for the envelope! What a surprise to see it in my mail box. I'm sorry I missed Jan's sign up. Next time. Love the blog and your creativity. Very inspiring.