Saturday, August 1, 2015

are these repeats?

 my filing system is a little hit-or-miss and i can't figure out why these are not in their folder. maybe i forgot to post them. if not, my apologies.

if anyone wants to tell me which ones are repeats, i will delete them.


well, i know the top one is scheduled to appear tomorrow. my schedule of blog posting is a complete mess. sorry. my excuses are stellar, but also boring, so i will spare you. making envelopes is my antidote to chaos, so the chaos of daily life is the inspiration. hopefully all y'all are using ideas to do your own puttering about as an antidote to either chaos or boredom.

i read a great article about how having everything in balance might sound like a good idea but you actually get better ideas when you are unbalanced. that was a comforting thought.

the next article was how being mindless was just as rewarding as being mindful. once again, i was very comforted, since i am a solid 50-50 on my mindfulness.


  1. In the midst of the chaos, do you happen to remember where you read the article about being unbalanced? Sounds like just what I need :)

  2. I'll look for it and post it if I find it. Probably on Brain Pickings.