Tuesday, August 11, 2015

carol and carroll - exchangers

i thought these two would be fun to pair because they are both summery and painterly and they are done by carol and carroll.

thanks to both of you for participating in the exchange.

please excuse the brevity of my remarks. i am trying to post 3 or 4 weeks all in one sitting and i'm running out of words. it's been a wild summer and i have some trips coming up so i have to get all the posts lined up.

please note....i am going on trips. they are not vacations and there will be nothing leisurely about them. if i ever get a vacation i'll be sure to let all y'all know. i suspect my spa time doesn't start until lucifer and st. peter are debating over who gets me...or more likely, who gets stuck with me.

ok, these remarks aren't exactly brief, but the next one will be because it is after 8 pm (that's 2am in jean-time)

1 comment:

  1. Fun to see my sunflower online! Until this month I have forgotten to take pictures of my envelopes without the addresses showing! This month I can post them on Facebook or Instagram after I get them mailed out!