Monday, August 24, 2015

natalie's mail truck photo

fun day at the p.o. yesterday. i was standing in a long line and someone noticed the two envelopes that are on display. natalie pointed to me and said, "the artist is here today." everyone turned and looked. i did my very best princess wave. then i eyed the empty display case at the end of the lobby and wondered, "do you suppose they would let me put up a display of envelopes?" now i am pondering *flooding* them with mail. i suppose if all y'all want to join in the fun, you could send mail to

natalie @ the front desk
1165 2nd street
des moines, ia 50318

and when i say, yesterday - it was actually july 23rd. i am cranking out my posts ahead of time because the humidity is unbearable and i bought a one way ticket to toronto. any scribes in toronto want to meet me at the park on victoria memorial park on wellington and portland? i'll have sidewalk chalk.


  1. Oooops. Too late. I'm heading home tomorrow. I'll post some chalk drawings later.

  2. And here I was wishing I were in Toronto.

  3. Will definitely contribute to the flood shhhh dont tell her

  4. Did you take a photo of the display with your "2" envelopes for us to see?