Monday, August 3, 2015

a blog + miss cathy's 3 birds
 i have been thoroughly enjoying the blog posts from the postal blog. you might want to check it out

and i thoroughly enjoyed seeing this 3 bird exchange envelope from cathy to jan. i love those stamps. the lettering is very interesting...maybe cathy will tell us where it came from.

thanks for participating in the exchange.


  1. I really loved this one from Cathy - the red name has the feeling of an ambigram, even though it isn't one. Very cool design, and a lot of fun to receive the new postcard stamps.

  2. Last May I attended a 5 day workshop taught by Georgia Angelopolous called Things Greek and Gilded. I wrote Jan's name in Greek letters and the address in English that is influenced by Greek letters. Georgia is a wonderful teacher and is charming and beautiful. I learned so much!
    You can see photos of this workshop on Georgia's Facebook page (June 4th) entries and see more of her work and workshop info on her website, georgiaangelopoulos(dot)ca.

  3. I also adore the one I received, which is frame-worthy. Thank you so much, Cathy:-)