Tuesday, December 11, 2012

nan - red

i started with a white galaxy marker and outlined in black (pigma micron .5). i was staying on the edges on the first name, but loosened up on the last name and i like it a lot better when the black isn't perfect, even though the black is perfect on the stamp.

i usually don't include any personal notes on my blog, but many people who follow my blog were friends with nan and her recent passing has been heartbreaking. she was a powerhouse in the world of calligraphy and was the person who coaxed me into teaching....which led to this blog. had i not met nan, i would probably be buried in piles of unfocused practice pages. thank you nan.... the whole calligraphic community thanks you for your contributions. and we thank your family for sharing you. she was the mother superior of our internet-based scribal convent.

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