Saturday, December 15, 2012

jack moore

there are 135 people who have signed up to be *followers* of this blog. one of them, jack moore, used a photo off my blog for the photo of himself. i was tickled that he chose that photo. it is a photo of lee steen, one of the 3 artists who are my *molders.* there is probably a better word than molder. but they did more than influence, so i;ll go with mold, unless someone can offer a better word. i'll try to find the link to the post about him. anyhow, i always wanted to post an envelope to jack so he knew i noticed that he had taken on the photo as his identity. i have also been thinking of doing one envelope for each blog follower. that would be fun. i might do it. or maybe i should just start with the phone book and do everyone in des moines....decisions decisions.

anyhow, it would be fun to do envelopes using lots of these ornament stamps. i didn't actually use stamps, i just ran off some color copies of the stamps. that's my curly casual penmanship with a nikko g and mcCaffery indigo ink. the envelope is a nice leftover from a william arthur job. sadly, crane's bought william arthur so this might be the end of nice paper. i try to not think about it.

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