Sunday, December 23, 2012

ann-margret - holiday

the stamp is from england. it came on a letter to my husband and i was able to peel it off. i love the artwork and if i had time i would make a huge holly bush. and i love the bird and the star. i need to find out if there are more adorable english stamps.

ann-margret is in canada, that is a fake address. i think she watches the blog. last year i did some holiday ideas for her and i saw one name *Dana* that she wrote in a style like this. so i am just guessing how to do the other letters. my example doesn't thrill me yet, but i am going to keep working on it. and maybe Ann-Margret will tell us if there is an exemplar somewhere.

the r is too wide. see the big hunk of white space inside the r. it's not wretched, but it is a little off. anyone interested in making their lettering consistent in spacing should watch those r's.


  1. You cannot imagine my stunned delight when I logged in this morning and saw my name beautifully splashed across the screen. You're right: This is very similar to how I wrote "Dana" on an envelope last year. Now you make me want to try this style again. :) I don't know of an exemplar... I just did it freehand and I love your take on it.

    I think the letter r is great the way you did it. It gives the name an airy feel.

    Thanks for the lovely surprise this morning, Jean! :) I'm going to have to post a link to this on Facebook, of course. :D

  2. What a sweet surprise- I recognized the writing immediately, Just goes to show you how intimate writing is, it is personal, and beautiful. Well thanks Jean for posting my sweet friends caligraphy lettering♥ By the way I do enjoy a peak at your blog now and then too!

  3. glad you took a minute to check the blog today and see your name, ann-margret
    and thank you for posting, stella, i'll do your name one of these days...because i don't think i have ever written stella. i'll have to look for a streetcar stamp... :-)
    i might actually get around to writing all the names on the list of see who is really following :-)

  4. That is very interesting to anticipate, I should imagine a SanFrancisco street car-vintage stock. Some of the enveloppe art posted in October comes close. Then there`s starry nite, starlight. Creativity is such a wonderful treasure, it never ends. Thanks Jean. Until next time ;)

  5. Stella, that's so neat that you recognized the style of writing! :D Glad you two have connected. Jean, Stella is wonderful watercolour artist.