Thursday, December 13, 2012

guest artist linda - gershwin

on this one, linda seems to have pulled the colors from the stamps and as far as i can tell she was inspired by the shapes on the stamp. i think there are two figures behind gershwin's head. they are probably porgy and bess? anyhow, i like the way she just took the shapes and did not do anything literal. and it is all arranged very orderly. simple is very nice.

on dec 7th, i asked readers to research and find the name for that space that is surrounded by the letter c, not to be confused with a counter, which is the space surrounded by the letter o. jackie found the word, and it is aperture. now we would like to know if there is a website that has all the anatomical names of the parts of letters. thank you, jackie, for leading the research department here at the alphabetic institute.

also, kris, i responded to your question about whether or not the post office ever has issues with unconventional mail, especially when the entire address is written in one line. short answer, no, they just want it legible and level with the landscape orientation. longer answer is posted in the comment section right after your question on the catherine envelope on dec 10.


  1. Here's one - not sure if it covers everything, but maybe it's a good start.