Monday, December 10, 2012

catherine - 2 ornaments

catherine sent me this very fun link to a website that has been around a while and has not burned out on the idea of fun snail mail.

they seem to be young and very energetic.

the way the screen looks to me right now, i can't see the edges of the envelope.....i hope it looks ok on the actual blog. it should look like a square envelope.

oh, this lettering has no name. it is just scribbly...and what i do when the pen is fine and i want a bolder looking style of lettering, but am too lazy to look for a bolder pen.


  1. Came across your blog while trying to decide how to address my Christmas cards this year. LOVE IT. I can't wait to send more snail mail! Just a question: do you ever have problems with the post office not delivering your mail, specifically e ones with the address all in a line? Thanks!

  2. Hi Kris. Glad you found the blog. The PO likes to have the address in legible writing and they like it in this order:
    street - apt- city- state - zip (two lines or one)
    I have heard that the scanners read from right to left, so it is good to have the zip code furthest to the right. As long as the information is clear and legible, it is their job to deliver it to the specified address. If the machine can't read it, then a person has to figure out what it says and type in the bar code at the bottom. I figure those people who type in bar codes all day are very happy when they see a decorated envelope because most of the time, they are just trying to figure out really BAD penmanship...
    Have fun, and thanks for posting.
    P.S. They charge extra if the address is not horizontal with the landscape orientation. So don't get carried away and write in circles, unless you want to add a second stamp.